Business in Moldova: Country and People

Here you will get to know more about the administrative structure as well as the population of Moldova.

General administrative structure

Conventional short form: Moldova
Conventional long form:Republic of Moldova
Total area (km²):33,851 km²
Population:*3,583,288 (July 2014 est.)
Capital city:Chișinău
Government type:republic
Chief of state:President Präsident  Nicolae Timofti (since March 23rd, 2012)
Head of government:Prime Minister Iurie Leanca (since April 25th, 2013)
Official language:Moldovian, Romanian
Currency (code):Moldova Leu (MDL)
Country code:00373
Country Symbol:MD
Internet country
National holiday:27. August (1991)


Age structure (2014 est.):*0-14 years:  17.7% (male 326,968/female 306,948)
15-24 years:  14.2% (male 262.559/female 246.283)
25-54 years:  43.9% (male 785.392/female 786.421)
55-64 years:  13.1% (male 214.899/female 255.046)
65 years and over:  10.7% (male 151.629/female 247.143)
Median age (2014 est.):*

Total:  35.7 years

male: 33.9 years
female:  37.7 years
Ethnical Groups (2004):*Moldavians: 75.8%
Ukrainians: 8.4%
Russians: 5.9%
Gagauz: 4.4%
Romans: 2.2%
Bulgarians: 1.9%
Others: 1%
Others: Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Gagauz, Bulgarian
Mobile phones:*4.080.000 (2012)
Internet Hosts:*711.564 (2012)
Inter users:*1.333.000 (2012)
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