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"The Swiss Creditreform Association is the largest incorporation of credit and creditor protection in Switzerland. Financial and solvency data from various sources are updated daily on our database and condensed into reports. As well as the commercial register of registered companies, Creditreform is the only provider that can deliver comprehensive information on sole traders and private individuals, which are not listed on the commercial register.

Due to their vast experience, our debt collection specialists know the correct course of action when trying to get a debtor to pay as quickly as possible."

Raoul Egeli, Präsident
Swiss Creditreform Association

Your company is based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and you would like some non-binding information about the possibility of working with Creditreform? Your nearest regional office will be pleased to send you some information…

Products and Services

  • Creditreform Credit Reports

    Creditreform Credit Reports

    Our reports give you more! Our financial and solvency reports contain all the basic data from the commercial register, the Creditreform solvency index, extensive details about your business partners’ activities, information about the financial situation and mode of payment. Depending on the report type, we also suggest a maximum credit and offer a free monitoring service for six months. In our product range you will find the right type of report for your security. Read on to learn more…

  • Creditreform reports on private individuals

    Creditreform reports on private individuals

    Our reports give you more! Researched credit reports on private individuals are advisable when it’s a matter of a large sum of money or a high risk. Thanks to its specialists, Creditreform Switzerland is in a position to acquire well-founded information. Due to the density of information on the database, it is possible to trace current or former relationships with companies. For smaller risks you may access our various online products on the Internet. Read on to learn more… 

  • Accounts Receivable Management / Debt Collection Service

    Accounts Receivable Management / Debt Collection Service

    Efficient accounts receivable management will secure your liquidity! Whether you want to outsource your whole dunning procedure or just want to recover some bad debts, our debt collection specialists will remain close at your debtor’s heels. Have you already received promissory notes? No problem! Thanks to our monitoring of promissory notes, money which was believed to be lost can become liquid! Read on to learn more…

  • Creditreform Publications / Press

    Creditreform Publications / Press

    The Swiss Creditreform Association’s publications inform you reliably and regularly about relevant topics in Swiss business life, for example: industry and bankruptcy statistics, regional statistics, SHAB new entries and dissolutions as well as the bankruptcy of companies and private individuals in accordance with SHAB. Read on in German to learn more…

Your organisation is not located Switzerland or Liechtenstein? Of course you can still use the reports and debt collection services from Switzerland, but your point of contact will always be your nearest Creditreform office.

Here you will find your nearest Creditreform country office…

How to contact us:

Schweizerischer Verband Creditreform

Binzmühlstr. 13
CH 8050 Zürich

Phone  +41 44 307 80 66
Fax       +41 71 221 11 85

Your company is based in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein, but you are not yet member of Creditreform? View more details about membership on our website. Here you will find all information on membership, business terms as well as membership application forms which you can download.

For more details on membership, contact your nearest regional office…

Note: Please note that membership with the Swiss Creditreform Association is only for organisations with a registered office Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

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