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We offer high quality debt collection services to secure your business all around the globe!

  • Your advantages of working with
    Creditreform – an overview
    • Creditreform worldwide solvency rating
    • International standardized information on foreign clients and suppliers
    • Guaranteed quality and up-to-date business information
    • Up-to-date and historical business figures, several balance sheets as well as profit and loss information - depending on availability within a particular country
    • Creditreform’s strength - especially in Europe - with over 30 million reports available online
    • Simple and clear pricing structure
  • Secure business without boundaries!

    In times of growing globalisation many small and medium sized companies take the opportunity to enter new markets abroad.

    Local entrepreneurs particularly favour the new EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe as well as the candidates for future EU expansions and the so-called “Emerging Markets” such as Russia and China.   With their excellent reputation, German products have always been in great demand beyond our national borders. However, with increased trade, the risk for businesses grows accordingly. 

  • Our decentralized work methods
    • Creditreform operates through its local offices, which means your point of contact will be always the the Creditreform country office nearest to you.
    • We have built a tight information network with selected partners worldwide
    • All international services are generated by the Creditreform country offices and partners in their respective countries, so you will benefit from the expertise of each country.
    • Our on-site investigation ensures the highest possible quality standard of economic information, creating a solid foundation for your international business success
  • Competent credit rating of international business partners - worldwide

    All investigators who conduct investigations on-site at all public sources (so-called primary sources, e.g. local company or trade registers, register of residents, courts etc…) are qualified staff members who are familiar with the country, local people and language.

    Furthermore, our own inquiries (so-called secondary information sources) are also obtained by contacting suppliers, from self-assessments, from news from daily- and business press, from information from our own internal debt collection etc.

  • Assessment of an extended cooperation

    International credit reports from Creditreform are an essential tool for selecting and maintaining the right business connections abroad. Based on the credit index or credit rating, the creditworthiness and solvency of both new and established foreign clientele can be estimated. Credit reports are internationally standardised in order to give you a rapid and comprehensive orientation and the permanent use of all relevant internal and external sources guarantees that they are constantly up-to date.

Any questions?

If you are interested in our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Creditreform country office for non-binding information.

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