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Creditreform Romania was established in 1991 in Bucharest and is the first Romanian private company that offer its clients credit reports about Romanian or foreign companies as well as debt collection services. Now, with over 20 years of experience, a solid database, qualified personnel and the know-how of our German partners, we offer high-quality Services to our domestic and foreign clients.

Our country office in Romania

"Although Romania only joined the EU in 2007, Creditreform Romania had already been supporting secure business dealings among organisations with its business information and debt collection Services  since 1991. Creditreform Romania is the leading supplier of credit reports and debt collection services on the Romanian market. Its vast experience and its links to an international organisation allow it to cater for Romanian customers in the best manner possible.

Via the link-up with Creditreform International’s online network, our customers have access to over 30 million credit reports from 27 European countries. Thanks to our expertise in the field of debt collection, our reliability is unbeatable."

Alexandra Miu, Managing Partner
Creditreform Romania SRL

Management: Ms. Alexandra Miu
Established: 91
Offices: 1 central office in Bukarest
Staff: 13

How to contact us

Creditreform Romania

Decebal Tower, 62 Turturelelor Str., 7th fl.
030882, Bucharest, Romania

  • Range of Services

    More than 125 years of experience in credit management combined with modern technologies has enabled us to develop new products and services according to our customers' requirements as and when These requirements evolve.

    Creditreform provides the following risk-management services:

    • business information services
    • receivables management
    • marketing services

    Before establishing a business relationship we provide you with information on the creditworthiness of your potential customer. If you have already delivered your goods and you are experiencing difficulty receiving any payment, our debt collection experts can lead the way to a quick receipt of payments.


  • Marketing Services

    Are you looking for new clients? Would you like to identify competitors in the market? We offer individual company selection for your direct marketing campaigns and competitor analyses.

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  • Creditreform Reports

    Trust is good, but credit checks are better. Creditreform’s credit reports allow you can to do business more safely. These reports can be used as a data pool for many business decisions (e.g. allocating suppliers’ credits, credit limits, payment and suppliers’ terms.) Combined with Creditreform’s solvency index, they allow for a comparable assessment of creditworthiness.

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  • Accounts Receivable Management / Debt Collection Service

    Have you delivered goods and your debtor has not yet paid? Efficient accounts receivable management will secure your liquidity. With our debt collection service you are sure to receive your money. Whether you want to outsource your complete dunning procedure or just want to recover some debts, Creditreform is your competent partner for debt collection in Romania and worldwide.

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  • Analysis and Funding Plans

    We carry out individual analyses (market studies, competitor analyses etc.) for our customers and since 2001 we have prepared finance plans for Phare or government funding. Creditreform Romania is a member of ANEVAR (Asociatia Nationala a Evaluatorilor din Romania / Association for Romanian Evaluators) and is a recognised partner in the implementation of analyses and preparation of finance plans for the Romanian market. 

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Online Database: As an online customer you will have the opportunity to access our international online database. Currently over 30 million reports on companies from 32 European countries are available online.

Your company is based in Romania but you are not yet member of Creditreform? Contact us! We will gladly advice you.

Note: Please note that membership with Creditreform Romania SRL is only for organisations with a registered office in Romania.