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Business in Poland: Creditreform on location Management

When it comes to business information and credit management services, Creditreform is the first point of contact for your business in or with China.

Our country office in Poland

"For 18 years we have been helping our clients to minimise the risk of bad debts and resolving debt collection and legal questions with on-site specialists. With our credit management services we can offer you security for your domestic and international business affairs and assist in minimising your credit risks.

Our specialists compile sector analyses and carefully follow insolvency and new business developments. Creditreform has developed a system of assessing the solvency risk of our members’ business partners especially for credit and accounts receivable Management. If you need professional information on current or future business partners in Poland, it is high time that we got to know one another!

Jacek Koziaczy
Manager, Creditreform Polska Sp. z o.o.

Management: Mr. Jacek Koziaczy

Established: 1992

Offices 3 regional offices:

Warszawa (Headquarters)



Staff: 49

How to contact Creditreform Poland

Creditreform Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Myslowicka 14A
PL- 01-612 Warszawa

Tel.: +48 22 440 1500
Fax: +48 22 440 1506
  • Marketing Services

    Are you looking for new clients? We can support your direct marketing campaigns by selecting addresses from your target groups according to individual specifications e.g. turnover size, staff number etc. We also offer complete database applications for your own research.

    Personal Consultation for prospective clients from Poland: Area of expertise "risk management" - Mr. Maksymilian Bąk


  • Creditreform Reports

    Trust is good, but credit checks are better! Receive information on your new business partners using our credit reports. In order to reduce your credit risk, we supply reports on companies in Poland and worldwide. Via our online database, more than 24 million credit reports from 26 European countries are currently available.

    Personal Consultation for prospective clients from Poland: Area of expertise "credit reports" - Ms. Magdalena Maciejewska


  • Accounts Receivable Management / Debt Collection Service

    Efficient accounts receivable management secures liquidity. Whether you want to outsource your complete dunning procedure or just want to recover some debts, Creditreform is your competent partner for debt collection in Poland and worldwide. 

    Personal Consultation for prospective clients from Poland: Area of expertise "debt collection" - Mr. Paweł Aftyka


  • Creditreform Risk Managment

    As your customer base increases, it becomes more important to make automatic credit decisions in order to reduce the risk of bad debts. We will gladly advise you on the development and optimisation of your credit management processes.

    Personal Consultation for prospective clients from Poland: Area of expertise "risk management" - Mr. Maksymilian Bąk


Online Services

We have a variety of online services available to our Polish members. Please us the following links:

Online-Database of polish companies

Online-Database of foreign companies

As an online customer you have direct access to the Polish database as well as to our international online database.


Note: Please note that membership with Creditreform Polska Sp. z o.o. is only for organisations with a registered office in Poland.

Your organisation is not located in Poland? Of course you can still use the reports and debt collection services from Poland, but your point of contact will always be your nearest Creditreform office.

Here you will find your nearest Creditreform country office.