We collect your debts worldwide

We collect your debts worldwide

The sooner you hand over your debts to Creditreform, the higher the chances for an out-of-court collection!

Creditreform International collects debts worldwide using a network of its own Creditreform country offices and specialised solicitors who always handle your debts locally.

Quando ha mandato il primo sollecito? *

This is how it usually starts: A foreign language is often the first obstacle to doing international business. Further additional factors are differences in legal systems and geographic distance. There is no doubt about it: when a foreign customer does not pay, your options soon become exhausted. Only through a reliable international debt collection partner will you be able to cover a debt that was perhaps already believed to be lost. This is where Creditreform is at your service: Professional support with the collection of those debts means a reminder becomes a payment.

Without boundaries

At Creditreform you are always in good hands. We will handle your debt collection proceedings individually, without exception. Our staff possesses the necessary know-how and psychological skills which are vital in dealings with debtors.

A further advantage of our debt collection is the speed at which we can complete proceedings. The information from our financial database helps us immediately.

  • We cooperate with a worldwide network of Creditreform offices, partner firms and solicitors, who are specialised in debt collection in their country and who are familiar with the local way of thinking and doing business.
  • With this local presence, Creditreform is able to reduce the risk of vulnerable outstanding debts in a foreign country. Only by being so near to the debtor may obstacles like differences in languages, geographical distance and foreign legal systems be overcome.
  • Creditreform carries out all debt collection requests in the country of the debtor.
  • The contact with the debtor will be held in their national language.
  • By handling the case locally and the ‚Äěpsychological advantage‚Äú of being near to the debtor we can persuade the debtor to an out of court solution much sooner and so avoid the often unnecessary costs of a court case.

The sooner you employ us, the higher are the chances for success - why hesitate?

Leave your worries to us!

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For detailed information about national and international debt collection services and price queries please contact your nearest Creditreform office.
We offer you the opportunity of contacting us personally and our staff will work with you to find a solution for whatever specific situation you might have.