Trust is good, credit check is better!

To avoid unpleasant surprises get regular information in plenty of time about potential and existing business partners…

Credit reports by Creditreform will make business life easier!

The aim of any business activity is success - but even one wrong credit decisions can cause significant financial losses. Risks do not always appear at the start of a business connection but can become apparent only over time. This is a particular crucial point for international business activities. With an international credit report from Creditreform you will be able to get regular information in plenty of time about potential and existing business partners! This will put your international business success on a secure foundation right from the start.

For most organisations, information about their partners' credit ratings and balance sheets are of essential importance in order to prevent bad debts and minimize business risk. We provide our members with exactly the information they need. No matter what or who you are looking for in our database, you will surely find it! More than 88 million credit reports from 35 countries are available around the clock via our online database. Furthermore, we also carry out fresh investigations on any active company - around the globe. The assessment of creditworthiness and credit risk is based on a rating system, which has been developed specifically for the credit and receivables management: the Creditreform Solvency Index. It allows you to get a fast and reliable risk assessment and will make your business decisions easy.

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For detailed information on credit reports and price inquiries please contact your nearest Creditreform country office directly. Our European offices make it possible for you to reach us in personal. Our staff will work together with you to guarantee a solution, no matter what your query may be.